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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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now this marks a split between them thanks to spain's twenty percent unemployment rate at the moment so that's what they're protesting against that transport. strike in madrid meant that people couldn't get people standing at bus stops and metro stations this morning not able to get to where they need to go newspapers have gone on strike so they went out ahead of time so there's no news in spain this morning rubbish has gone on collected which will be an extremely powerful signal to the government these workers out on strike will say nearly one hundred percent of steel workers are going on strike and in the car industry this is a complete halt. now the spanish labor unions and. the government directly responsible for this. government policy was based on public private partnerships to incentivize economic activity and create jobs but since maybe the priority has shifted to reducing the deficit instead of stimulating the economy that's how the government justifies the pension freeze reducing public
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sector salaries withdrawing billions of euros from direct investment into the public sector and cutting back the rights of those who depend on the law sooner or later the government will have to change its mind because if not social unrest will make it impossible for them to govern this is a really europe wide what they're calling a day of action they're also walkouts in demonstrations in portugal. lithuania cyprus rumania poland and france and brussels there's a big demonstration going on and that is coinciding with a meeting of e.u. finance ministers that's going on that the people who matter will see that happening and in dublin there's also a big demonstration islands released very poor economic status last week and looks like it may go into default protesters are saying members of the irish parliament as they return from some a break away coming to them essentially the e.u. governments particularly. the ones that we've now come to call the pigs portugal
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italy ireland greece and spain they've overspent essentially in much the same way that you or i could spend and now what they need to do is borrow money and then save money in order to repay that and the way that a lot of these governments have chosen to do that is by cutting pay slashing jobs in the public sector they've cut pensions in spain they're raising the retirement age and people really feel that they're being punished for the recklessness of the state in spending too much money in the banks in borrowing too much money and what they hope is that the government was just up and take notice and costs less more slowly now in greece you may remember in may three people steering demonstrations against austerity measures and that did make the greek government sit up and take notice and retract some of the measures that they were proposing obviously everybody must be hoping that the same thing doesn't happen this time but they will be pressing governments to cut back on the austerity measures that are proposing.
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reporting but now the mayor of moscow has reportedly insisted he will not retire and wants to stay in politics having been suckered by the russian president. showed his plans with his colleagues after to retrieve said he had lost trust in the country's most powerful regional leader that europe was going off i was more on this. early on wednesday moscow's former boss came to his former office to gather some of his personal belongings and he said that he's going to have to make several further visits to his office because he does have a lot of personal belongings previously he was called a fish we got the belt off the united russia party and sent a letter to the party complaining about what he called was a strong media campaign against him just to remind you please be russia's president even be sacked moscow's me or you will scoff i visually due to his last offer i don't trust but i decided to dismiss the mayor of moscow the decree i signed states
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that i use presidency i have lost trust in the. and it is a legal reason for his dismissal yes i can not work if that's the shells i can't trust that was the going to show that you missed the job is the professional relations between the presidents in moscow had wasn't he while the man is subordinate to the president and not the other way round was a certain steps should have been taken to return the situation that someone. bush brought stayed in office as the mayor of moscow for eighteen years that is a tremendous amount of time that is that's why his sacking caused quite a mixed reaction from muscovites because many people supported he was called for his policies on pension years so the average level of pensions in moscow is higher than in other russian cities many people said that it was because of you will scoff that moscow received they knew more and more however there are a lot of people who accuse you will scoff of feeling to solve moscow's traffic
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problem of failing to protect many buildings which bore off the cultural importance not only to the city of moscow but to be whole nation and there's also a lot of controversy going on around you of course wife given them but good enough to start to be russia's richest wealthiest biz. this woman and many people do you see she managed to make these consul successful because of her husband being in the mosque under the law the united russia party as the majority within the russian parliament now has ten days to submit at least the ten that he sees the russian president for the course of moscow's we're there and if you have to choose one of them and submit this tendency to the moscow city parliament you will score also have the right to appeal he said i think who are however we haven't heard any
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reports of his intentions to do so. it's not easy to go to his going to report and while muscovites weighing up their mayor sacking former c.b.s. correspondent in moscow jonathan saunders described the ousted chief as a bulldozer. across a thousand years. was a combination combination of four kinds of poor people he was really a renaissance prince running the city state he was in american terms a combination of mayor daley and robert moses the great city builder who ruthlessly did things he was a little dictator he was a kind of robin hood he would put his finger on the pulse around the throat of the new landlord the people building buildings making money in moscow and force them to do other things there was a time when your. college was quite consular popular because he ripped off the rip off artists who are making money on the new book moscow and did things like build
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christ the savior cathedral i think his legacy will be that he's a bulldozer bulldozers get things done but they sometimes are rude and crude if you were to go back and look in the middle of the nine hundred ninety s. i think a lot of muscovites would say we'll take luzhkov off with all his rough edges because he got a lot done because he did have a populist unfortunately i think many times people are influenced by their spouses . wife. hard charging in the plastics business in the construction business widely said to be in the corruption business and some of that sloshed over and a man who stayed in his job just to. yuri luzhkov will have a mixed legacy but his legacy is evident on the new face of the new moscow. just now it's on in ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you are with oughts he
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and coming up in our program the pentagon destroys the wall memoirs of a former officer in afghanistan find out more. and india thousands of protesting against government plans to build a new road on bad lands. find out why. critical stunned is gearing up for a general election in the hope of restoring order following months of ethnic violence and the political uncertainty in the central asian republic the interim leader of the buyer took the reins following april's bloody street riots which alstad could have been back to kenya if she is to remain in office until the end of next year the poll on october the tenth will see some two dozen parties battling it out for one hundred twenty seats in parliament but one party at its leader has a good chance at winning the race ati's is not going to. as the clock ticks toward secret is to elections the country holds its breath while the polls
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bring stability or plunge the country into another round of violence and chaos meet fake school of the country's former prime minister who could be next to lead the country following the controversial reigns of this kind of cause and could not get back to coffee is one of the few figures who have not been tarnished in the last fifteen twenty years so he has a pretty hard moral standing cubit population and here is a good chance for us all we need in the next parliamentary election to have has a different times been the national security general the regional governor and mayor of the capital bishkek but what he's most renowned and praised for in his home country is an ability to handle crisis situations. studied in two thousand and five there were scarce total minutes marauders in the capital police and national security had already away at that point that's when all of his friends revolutionaries ask him to take matters into his own hands and in three days he
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restored order. but also has a reputation for being difficult he was a close ally of both presidents at the beginning of their terms and soon fell out of favor with bill. of them finding himself in opposition and twice in prison. there can never be two or three powerful figures at the top of the. pool of has always been a very powerful person and the key of and the kind of have both felt that he could be the person to sweep them from their posts and take power into his hands some predict school of the party our number which translates as dignity is in a strong position yet cool it will have to run against a multitude of other parties all of whom also fancy their chances of challenging him the problem is that it's very difficult to create a democratic country in central asia kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country in central asia unfortunately this is
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a very immature democracy and sometimes it leads to some very bad results right now what kyrgyzstan needs is not a democracy if you would be and i don't think it's possible in kyrgyzstan what it means is stability and violence whoever wins the election this is a crucial decision for kurdistan a country that's been to the bring it in a girls' school. fourteen militants have been killed in two separate counter terror operations in russia's southern republic of dagestan security forces say there are no casualties among the police dagestan in the volatile north caucasus region has seen several militant attacks in the past few months last week a suicide bomber blew himself up killing four policemen and wounding more than forty civilians he had attempted to break the police cordon in the republicans capital. while the pentagon has ordered the destruction of almost ten thousand
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copies of memoirs by a former intelligence officer involved in the afghanistan campaign the defense department called the book a threat to america's national security revised edition has since been published earlier the author anthony schaffner told r.t. the first version of the memoirs was banned when information backing up his claims emerged. we actually worked with the army the organization i do belong to as a reservist to work to vet the book reading being going through it being very careful to not reveal anything in a way of secrets which would be detrimental effect our troops our operations or the our allies within the region that process took about eight months to books been in work for two years and that process was collaborative things were taken out they were completely taken our me ask i did and that process in january of this year at that point through my lawyer mark zaid the manuscript was passed to the publisher and the funny thing is that all through this entire time between january and today
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there was total public awareness of the book late in the summer when the book was ready to be released you know three guys in black suits and sunglasses shows up at the publisher and basically says hey we've got really got a lot of problems in this book and if you publish it the world's going to fall the whole issue became what do you didn't did and did not like in the book and obviously we've worked on that issue for the past month it resulted in the book you see today two major events happened which change the atmosphere regarding my burst it was like it's means something but no one can really make out what it really means it was all this stuff just kind of thrown out there and second thing that happens for mcchrystal spiral i was in favor of president obama retaining him for any number of reasons those two events changed the the very fabric of the pentagon and their concerns all of a sudden there's a lot of information a back up what i'm saying they can't just say i'm a disgruntled employee you don't nothing to see here all the sudden you've got
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people saying hey you made me take a look at this and the book actually predates the information is already out there . thousands of farmers in india are opposing the government plans to build a new highway on the land with the two thirds of the country's population dependent on agriculture land acquisition is a sensitive and explosive issue. artie's counseling explains. indian farmers took to tech happen all recently in protest against a government takeover of the land to build a new two billion dollar highway this followed the deaths of three farmers who were killed after police opened fire on protesters in the state of the top of this. we will not keep learnt for development attorney price at any price at any price we're ready to die and will not allow anyone to step on our learned. these protests have stalled the government efforts to acquire farmland for industrial india which means
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developers have been forced to put the roads refineries and power plants on hold the major tenant is the land acquisition if the land acquisition is going to production or even take over the order of the present and in hand and that is what government is trying to do in case there is you know projects an orchid they offered big and the land available to you to elaborate only twenty thirty percent then they believe that in the. land is an emotive issue in a country where two thirds of the population is still dependent on agriculture fifty five year old age we're saying doesn't want to sell out but nor some offers will be hard to turn down he got caught up with my land goes i will lose my livelihood what will i do so i say if you are going to take my farm give me a fair price for my land as well as a job some analysts believe that acquiring prime agricultural land for non
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agricultural purposes could spur a food crisis in the country and what was it. there will be no food to eat they aren't giving us good conversation and they're still taking our land without a land will we eat it or the government listens to our demands within a month or we will take action. the farmers do have a point after all the government uses a colonial law to pay tiny amounts of compensation to farmers to buy their land for development projects the government plans to update this law by the end of the year to get into market prices for farmers but until it does vital infrastructure projects remain in limbo something third largest economy can ill afford got and seeing r.t. new delhi. if you live from moscow this is artsy and bear in mind you can always check out our website for much much more we are online for you twenty four seventh's and here's a taste of what you'll find online right now. socialism by any other name find out why americans are scared of the term while at the same time
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supporting many of its principles. and the governor of a russian southern region is planning to put a divine guarantee on bottled water find out more just head over to r.t. dot com. all right let's get to some other international stories now this hour a landslide in southern mexico has buried homes and left more than a dozen people missing blocked roads are making it difficult for rescue teams to search for survivors earlier officials said one hundred fifteen killed after heavy rains caused landslides and follow tropical storms which battered mexico's eastern and southern regions last month. thirty three miners trapped underground in chile for about two months could be out earlier than previously thought rescue workers say they can get the job done by the middle of october but they also warned that unforeseen problems could hinder that. country's government still insists it could
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take until early november to get them. north korea hold military for the first time in nearly two years on thursday and comes after kim jong il appointed his youngest son to the two main political parties posts the move is seen as part of the plan to extend the kim dynasty and the reclusive communist state into a third generation. people of bell and his crossed told gas discussed whether the recent appointment will trigger any reforms. i would have thought the chinese will insist that if they are putting aid in which i think they're probably going to now because they fear instability but this time at the very least famous crossed the nat'l the market reform whether they'll give up the bombo that's another matter ok if i can go to you know donald in seoul they've tried just about everything when it comes to self-reliance i mean do you think the chinese now will start insisting
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because this is a time of instability of uncertainty say look we have a lot of answers for you we can we can be your safety net the same regime is employs kim jong il was reaffirmed today and that's another announcement that was that was that came today he was reaffirmed today is general secretary of the party there was a lot more for us a lot more rhetorical fuss about. real reaffirmation by. the conference as general secretary there was just one problem kim jong il did not show up at the conference was he too ill to show up nor are we seeing yet kids going on at the party conference will you show up. and you watch cross talking about ten minutes time right here on r t but for the meanwhile stephanie joins me now with this update on some stuff we hear that aeroflot has plans for a new low cost carrier it does so part of the company's new fifteen year development plan i'll have more just a bit later but first. russia's timber industry has been severely hit by the
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financial downturn in the last couple of years the volume of wood harvested has fallen by more than thirty percent it's still one of the country's top exports but the government wants to ensure its profitability it wants to encourage produces to process the wood hair rather than exporting it role a correspondent dina question of a moscow exhibition for wood processing machinery the prime minister putin is attending. here at this exhibition we're looking differing ways how to develop the russia's timber industry and particularly how develop and how to build the countries that would processing sector especially that at the moment too much would be exported drawl was no value well with me to discuss the challenges that are facing then. tom gross the funder alpha norco transnational thank you very
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much for joining us thank you so tell us what sir did the recent economic downturn have on the russian timber industry. just like everywhere else in the world we saw it in the united states we saw it in all the other markets that were doing business and where everything slowed down but it didn't come to a complete stop so it was my belief that even though things would take a little while to come back to normal. they are coming back so we're very happy with the positive return of the flow of capital in the building businesses have started to take off again the bio mass wood for energy is starting to take off again so we're very encouraged with what's happening it was bad at first but it's getting stronger and i first see a very positive future for it now russia wants to pursue a more of woods why do you think why it's so important well russia of course my figures tell me that russia has some twenty five percent of the world's forests and
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only ten percent of the sustainable yield is harvested so there is such a tremendous resource within russia and if they can develop their infrastructure for processing wood for making lumber for making pellets many many different uses for forest products if they can develop that based on the what i think is a very positive forestry policy that mr putin brought in in a couple of years ago if that comes to fruition there will be many markets that the russian forces can serve internationally not only to develop their own infrastructure their own building businesses but also for export which will be a big boost to the russian economy. on let's have a quick look at how the equity markets are performing to european shares are in the red on a choppy one state trading session also with labor protests against austerity measures but donta resources is the worst performer on the footsie shoving five percent court in india ordered the closure of one of its plants i'm not sure stocks are
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also weighing. but here in moscow the r.t.s. on the my six are making gains that comes amid high u.s. and asian markets and prices climbed saluting the my six high with both the t.v. and spread of more than one and a whole percent and if you wages are also gaining apart from lukoil down half a percent this hour. russia's national airline air afloat is to start its own budget carrier its part of the company's fifteen year development strategy it concentrates on increasing its domestic business while cutting the number of international flights has set itself a target of quadrupling passenger flow and revenues by twenty twenty five. billion i make profit off may buy the rights to publish the russian version of newsweek magazine according to com the sun newspaper the current publisher axel springer allegedly doesn't want to extend its license agreement with newsweek as the magazine is losing money axel springer has declined to comment on the story. ten k.
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b.p. and petro vietnam have signed a contract on blend crude deliveries starting from november and k. b.p. will supply at least one hundred thousand tons of oil each month to vietnam vietnam has also offered b.p. to set up a parity joint venture it will include a three point five billion dollar or refinery in vietnam and some of russia's all fields. says that it's considering buying new fields in vietnam as it looks to expand operations outside of russia. it opens a new partnership in one of the most dynamic and the and for those of the world big east is the driver of a corner of the road for growth in vietnam is one of the most dynamic economies in these two thousand and twenty five this is the be the most economy the members are going to the goals of ten percent for you so partnership with them is for a sister to intrude on her valuable assets. and that's your update for now but i'll
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be back with morphine next hour and of course you can always find real stories if you log on to our website. slash.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are only day. they faced it this is not a provocation little or none of them. they forced it and we should just step before you showed us a quick victory speech they had no idea about the hardships the face. plate wanted the says it all of them to listen for any are made the life of abusing them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice
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and heroism with those who understand the fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two to six hundred fifty three thousand nine hundred forty five dots on t. dot com.
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now three thirty pm here in moscow you all with your headlines now tens of thousands of people are gathering in brussels to march against the government austerity measures with some pretty powerful live pictures right now of protesters assembling near the e.u. commission's headquarters the strike started in spain with two thirds of flights are grounded due to the actions by transport workers. the moscow was reportedly planning to stay in politics after the russian president said he had lost trust in the official. was at his old office on monday packing his things up. for
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a parliamentary poll in october after repeated violence left the central asian republic in turmoil the country's former prime minister and his party a good chance of winning the race. well with kim jong il effectively naming his son as his heir people love ellen does cross told whether the country is turning into a kind of presidential monarchy that's coming up next right here on our. friends trying to reason with hitler germany. gets its way. to safety net for them so. the whole of europe is in war efforts to establish a system of.


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